With over 30 years’ experience in the art of furniture making, Saporini brings you the best of Italian leather sofa design and craftsmanship with each sofa custom made to give your home the unique style and comfort you desire.

Saporini range is a perfectly distilled blend of the eponymous Italian tradition of quality and our keen understanding of style evolution. A Saporini product is unmistakable, exuding refined sophistication and elegance that will compliment any room setting.

Every Saporini sofa 100% Italian designed and custom made for you by expert artisans in the heart of Matera, southern Italy. Our master upholsterers are true artists, who create with a flair for interpretation according to their own unique vision. We employ the finest materials and the latest in both modern and classic design technique.

We are committed to a high level of customer experience and make every effort to give you peace of mind with the following warranties:

 – 5-year frame warranty, covering all materials that hold the structure of the sofa

 – 3-year fillings warranty for all fillings, webbing, stitching and springs

 – 3-year leather covering warranty

Saporini research and development team is constantly working on new and exciting designs. Our goal is to give you the best Italian leather or fabric sofa that will look and feel luxuriously comfortable and inviting for years to come.

We invite you to be inspired by our collection here.