Modern Styling Tips to Refresh Your Living Room

In this first blog post by Bonum Interiors we’d like to share with you some nifty tips and tricks on how to freshen things up in your living room for a stylish modern feel.


Mixing Patterns

If you’d like to make a bold statement with different patterns without going dizzy, pick a combination of 3-4 colours to focus on and mix your patterns with blocks of solid colour.

A Spacious Feel

You can give your living room an open and airy ambience while at the same time pack it with a sofa suite and even a dining set! Introducing pieces made with transparent materials and light coloured upholstery, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows will visually stretch the space without the need for an extension.

light living

Mismatched Chairs

Want to make a bold statement in your living room? Then it’s time to mix things up. No need to match your pair of chairs – try mixing pieces of different styles and colours.

mismatched chairs


Putting a Bookcase behind Your Sofa

If you’d like to re-purpose your living space and give it a fresh look, try putting a bookcase or a shelf behind your sofa. Added storage is a bonus!



A Touch of Cool

Accenting your living room with silver will give it a chic and pleasant feel. A few bright solid colour accessories will make things that bit more interesting.

silver living

For a bold modern look, see our mandarin coloured Saporini Youma suite. 

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