The warranty for your Smile Sofa item is valid for 24 months from the purchase date. The warranty is applied to sofas and chairs in normal conditions of domestic use.

Complete warranty terms and conditions are outlined in your sofa instructions booklet.


Handmade techniques are used in the manufacturing of the products, except for the cutting of the synthetic materials, which is done with the use of computerised systems for advanced accuracy. The product is composed of the following parts:


Fir and beech board. Chipboard, plywood and various wood derivatives assembled with vinyl glue and staples.


 – The loom of your sofa will always stay undamaged and perfect in the course of time as    long as you respect the following: 
 – Do not jump on the sofa or lay violently into it.
 – Do not sit on the arms or the top of the sofa back.
 – Do not scratch the sofa with rough surfaces (carpet, moquette…). When moving it even on smooth surfaces, lift it up and do not push it.
– Following all the above will avoid a possible breakdown of seams.


Depending on the shape or pattern, we use different types of padding:
 – Expanded polyurethane of differing compactness
 – Polyester or fibre flakes
Use and maintenance: padding does not require specific maintenance, just due care when using the sofa. Especially, if you buy sofas with padding made from fibre flakes, once at home, it will be necessary to reshape it softly for the sofa to get back to its original shape lost during transport.


Padding made from expanded polyurethane has the tendency to soften, and then become harder in the first three months of life. This process is absolutely normal. In fact, when someone sits on the sofa for the first time, putting pressure on the seat causes the breakdown of the microcells which polyurethane is made of. This results in a light softening. It will disappear after the first months of correct use. For the same reason light creases may form on the upholstery, which is normal and depends on the settlement of the leather in the first months of use.


In case of every kind of stain:

– Intervene immediately
– Reduce the stain from the edge to the middle to avoid a ring
– Remove most of the dirt
– Immediately dab the stain with a clean white cloth
– Before every handling it is better to try to treat a less visible part, in order to avoid the fading of the surface colour. In every case it is advisable to do a general clean of the sofa to avoid colour differences in the upholstery.
 – Treat the specific stain following the instructions above.
 – Let it dry and do not sit on the wet part.


The effectiveness of cleaning depends on the careful approach, the kind and the quantity of dirt, and, above all, on the timeliness of the intervention. The company denies liability for the possible damages to upholstery (shrinkage, colour fading, overripe, etc.) caused by wrong maintenance and/or cleaning.


Each leather layer has its own characteristics given by natural marks on it, such as scars, wrinkles, stings, razor wire wounds, stretches, grain, difference in colour and grain, which are totally normal in products with this type of upholstery.

Use and Maintenance

– For the normal maintenance of leather sofas it is enough to use traditional methods, like dusting with a soft cloth. Check that the sofa is at least at 30 cm from the sources of heat and do not expose it to the direct sunlight.
– Cleaning the dirt: use warm water with neutral soap.  Do not use too much of soft soap, cleanser or soap powder. Be careful not to scrub and mop up the soap very lightly with a soft cloth.
– Hydration of leather: dehydration is a natural phenomenon for leather. It is good to sprinkle your leather upholstery with a leather moisturiser every time you notice some loss of elasticity, and in any case, at least once a year. Use leather moisturiser directly on the surface, spreading it with a soft cloth. Treat the surface until the moisturiser is completely absorbed.

Removal of Stains from Leather

– Grease and oily materials: remove the stain with a dry cloth, then use a light cleaning solution like leather shampoo;
– Beer and coffee: clean with warm water, scrubbing all leather surfaces. In case this is not enough, repeat the operation with a soap solution;
– Chewing gum: chill with ice cubes in a plastic bag, than remove it carefully. If the stain does not go away, try using a rubber;
– Ballpoint pen: remove the mark with a rubber, taking care of scrubbing very lightly to avoid damaging the colour.
– Body fat: use a soap solution or a smooth rubber. Do not use substances that contain alcohol or harsh chemicals.

General advice

– Keep the sofa at least 30 cm away from heat sources.
– To keep the upholstery colour fresh, avoid direct exposure of the sofa to sunlight or powerful lamps.
– Brush softly using a scrub brush with smooth bristles or a vacuum cleaner on medium power, using the recommended attachment. Be careful not to scratch the upholstery.
– It is advisable to treat each stain immediately before it gets soaked up.
– In case the use of solvents is necessary, avoid applying them directly to the stain. Instead, pour the solvent on a clean cloth. First, test the treatment on a hidden part.
– Clean the stain with a circular movement, from the outside to the inside.
– Always take care to scrub each stain softly.
– If you buy a new sofa with the same upholstery colour as the one in your own possession, you might notice a slight difference in the tone.


Before using the sofa bed, please read these simple instructions carefully:

How to open the two fold flap bed frame:

– Lift the bed frame up, holding the handle bar in the middle. Pull it outward, while holding the back.
– To complete opening the bed frame, hold the bar in the middle and complete the outward motion until the bed is unfolded.
– To close the bed, do this process in reverse.

How to open the two (or three) fold bed frame:

– Where necessary, remove the seat cushions.
– Lift the bed frame up, holding the handle bar in the middle.
– Lift the support bar, holding it in the middle and pull it to the floor.
– To complete the opening of the three fold flap bed frame, hold the remaining bar in the middle, pulling it to the floor.
– To close the bed, do this process in reverse.


– Before using our products, it is necessary to remove the safety flap that locks the mechanism.
– Take off the polystyrene used to avoid oscillation of the bed frame during transport.
– To clean the metallic parts do not use solvents, only a dry cloth.
– Do not let children play with the mechanism.
– Before closing the bed frame, remove the bedding
– Avoid sitting on the edge at the foot of the bed.
– Do not sit or go up on foot at the head of the bed.

‘Relax’ Function

All sofas provided with the ‘Relax’ mechanism permit to recline the back. For this reason it is possible to notice a slightly different layout behind the back. It is advisable to keep the back slightly away from the wall.


 – Do not permit children to play with the mechanism without adult supervision.
 – Do not turn on the mechanism when nobody is on the sofa.
 – Use the mechanism only when somebody is sitting on the sofa correctly.
 – Do not move sofas or chairs with the “relax” mechanism when it is turned on.


The disposal of the product and its components must occur through appropriate disposal methods. Never dispose in the environment.

This document complies with the requirement of the law of the 10th of April 1991 n. 126 “Standards of consumer information” and to the Decree Law of the 8th of February 1997 n.101 “Implementation regulation”.